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O Canada! I'm Wrapped Up for Thee! 

Written by Jayne Luy, Illustrated by Ana C. Luy

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My fingers are stiff. My toes are all numb.

I’m actually missing half my thumb!

My legs are like ice cubes; my lips are all blue

I need to defrost, all the way through.

I can’t see a thing! There’s not enough light.

And not ‘cause I’m blinking, and not ‘cause it’s night.

Wow, what a riddle! I’ll give you the key...

My scarf has taken a HOSTAGE! It’s ME!


Its wool is all stuck in my eyes and my mouth

The fuzz went up north, the lint floated south!

My ears are not working through 6 layers of stuff

They simply can’t hear through the floof and the fluff!


For fashion, I’m sure that she cared not a bean

But Granny survived the blizzards and snow!

She walked both ways up all the hills, don’t you know?


She covered eight miles to just get to school

In bare feet and dragging her lunch and a mule!

But back to the subject. I can’t find my face!

It’s ‘cause all this padding invaded my space!

On a pole frozen solid, I left my poor tongue.

I’ve known that could happen since I was quite young

I wanted to see if those warnings were true!

Now I’m thumb-less and tongue-less and feeling quite blue. 


To add to my battles, I can’t use my nose.

I breathed in the wool. It stuck there and froze!

My senses are all in great need of some care!

My hearing! My smelling! My thumb that’s not there!

How will I manage? No sight, smell, or feel!

My tongue is a pole now. Can this be for real?

But, Granny, I’m true to my land and my hearth.

When the going gets tough, you just put on a scarf!

You wrap yourself up! Can’t see? Have no fear!

There’ll be sunlight next summer! In just half-a-year!

I am Canadian! Frozen, and free!


Oh Canada! I’m wrapped up for Thee! 

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