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Written by Jayne Luy, illustrated by 

Click on Ana's name to download black-and-white images to colour! 

Two jellyfish were holding hands.

The perfect pair, called Squish and Strand.

Their fishy love was real enough,

But would it last when life was rough?

For one great problem kept them down,

It stole their sleep and made them frown...

Their love was strong, but would it GROW?

One fish was Fast! The other, slow.

Strand was tall, and not so wide

He could sweep through any tide! 

In every race, both East and West

Strand was first, and always best!

But Squish just was not toned at all.

Her progress through the waves was small.

She seemed content to float and munch,

While Strand would drool, and dream of lunch.

His tummy was a rumbling hound!

With ruthless cravings all around!

His hunger was too deep to bear 

He felt his life was so unfair!


Yet Strand was smart. His heart was true.

So Strand resolved to buy some glue.

Not glue for kites or sticking flies,

But glue for Bridge and Rail ties!

He doused his jelly back all through

And then he called for you-know-who

"My Squish, my love! Come quick to scratch!

I’ve got an itch! Can’t reach that patch!

It prickles like a bee-sting bite!

Please use two hands with ALL YOUR MIGHT!"

That crafty guy made quite the scene!

He tried so hard to hide the sheen

Of sticky, glossy, smelly glue

So shiny with a gleaming hue...


But Squish was blind to all that stuff!

To rescue Strand was quite enough!

Then, "Strand!" she cried. "I can’t break free!

My hands are stuck from you to me!"

Well, both were stuck! But happy, too,

And ‘Captain Strand’ now had a crew!

Hunting, speeding, at long last...

Now Squish would follow just as fast!

Well, Squish just loves her speedy wheels,

And faithful Strand enjoys his meals.

Their ‘Jelly Love’ is holding tight

'Cause Squish scratched hard with all her might.

That really was our only wish

For our two friends, the Jellyfish.

Image1_C_NB Squish's face.png
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