A Path Unfolds...

Such a pleasure to have worked and produced with a number of amazingly talented musicians and vocalists over the years! Songwriting is a unique path, a path that unfolds bit by bit, and one never knows what is around the corner! It's a game of waiting and wondering and hoping, and of not knowing what others will think. It's this 'unknown' that makes me even more grateful that you've met me here... Great things are happening!

New Album! 'KNOW YOU BETTER' by my band, Hope's Creed, has been released! October, 2019! Band members; Kristal, Dave, Jessie, Rob, Matt, Jon, Owen, Stephane, and myself, are so happy that you're checking out our music and we hope you're blessed by it! Founded in 2017, Hope's Creed's sound has matured as we've played together and developed our songs together, and we are moving forward with our signature high-energy sound in 'Know You Better! We hope it blesses you! Available on all major digital platforms. Contact me for a hard copy via snail mail! 


Previous releases:  

'HERE I AM' also by my current band, Hope's Creed, is available on all major digital platforms. Contact me for a hard copy via snail mail!  


New Brunswick native Grace Young and I released 'EVEN IF I STAND ALONE' - and Grace's voice lent itself perfectly to these sounds! So glad to be able to work with Grace and see what this super talented singer-songwriter will do in music! Available on all major digital platforms. Contact me for a hard copy via snail mail!

My first full-fledged project, Shelter, is still so special to me because it launched my career as songwriter, and helped me grow into that very intimidating identity! Completed in 2015; 'Shelter' was a partnership with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Elena Chavez. Her voice, spirit, and heart expressed so perfectly the ideas I had put into words. I'm very grateful to have been able to work with Elena. 'Shelter' is available for purchase on CDbaby, just follow the link on the Home page. Conversely, listen here on my website! 


Thank-you very much for your interest in my work, thanks for visiting, and thanks SO MUCH for any social media support you've helped me with over the years! Please always feel free to connect through the contact page!

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