I Give You My Hand                                          words and music by Jayne Luy ©2017


D         Dsus       D        Dsus


D                                 Bm7

I give you my hand Jesus


You know where I am


You are the healing river

Bm7              G2                     D         G2/D

You are the hope of man

D                                          Bm7       G2

I give you my will Jesus / All that I’m to be

D                                                Bm7                G

You know all my tomorrows / You see what I don’t see


A                      Bm7                  G2

No other horizon / No other plan


Could bid me follow

F#m7              Bm7                    Em7

No other kingdom / No other land

                         Em7               D        Dsus      D       Dsus

Will I run to … I give you my hand  (2nd time to outro)



I give you my hopes Jesus

I’ll dream what you dream

You are the height of beauty

Higher than mountain peak


I give you my life Jesus

I’ll go where you lead

Your love the greatest gift and

Your love my greatest need      (To Chorus)



Dsus    D         Dsus             D

Oh Lord             I give you my hand

Dsus         D                   Dsus             D         Dsus       D

Jesus        Oh Lord      I give you my hand

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