Even If I Stand Alone                                                words and music by Jayne Luy ©2017


Eb   Db2    Eb    Db


Fm                  Eb/G    Ab   

I have known you /  I have heard you

Db2                       Fm

I have seen your hand

Fm                   Eb/G   Ab   

I have known your Spirit’s presence

Db2                    Fm

Awakening my soul again

Fm               Eb/G     Ab2

Sin atoned for   /   Forgotten

Db2                     Fm

Paid and purified

Fm                  Eb/G         Ab

Wrapped in mercy    /   Heart expectant

Db2                        Fm

Heart counted as right


(2nd time only)

Db2                             Ab                             Eb

Wrapped in mercy   / Heart expectant    /  heart counted as right 


Ab                                      Eb

Even if I stand alone, I’ll stand for you

                      Fm                                Db       

I’ll stand on you, I have seen your hand

          Ab                                   Eb

And even if I speak alone, I’ll speak for you

                        Fm                           Db

Through your strength, into the unknown

          Eb/G                               Fm

And even if I run this race alone

               Db/F  Ab/Eb                               Eb

I’ll run to you; I have known your promises and

Ab                                  Eb

Even if I sing alone, I’ll sing for you

                  Fm                        Db

I’ll sing to you, you are my reward  (1st time only Eb  Db2  Eb  Db)


(2nd time only)

                     Ab       Db Eb           Db      Ab  Db   Eb  Db          Ab                                     

You are my reward   ooh  ooh  ooh  ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh 

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