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'Captive' is a song about transparent living. This song came out of a time of pretty deep introspection - introspection which surprised me. I had been having lunch with an older friend, that I hadn't seen in several years, and whom I met while living in France. She was a woman of mature faith, a faith that had been tried and tested. I had been telling her about some of my experiences while living abroad when she suddenly looked at me and plainly stated that some fairly undesirable heart attitudes were hiding behind my words. I was pretty mad and felt like, 'how dare she say that to me?' But, partly because she was older, but mainly because I trusted her, I went home and well, I examined my heart to see if those things were there. And I found that they were! I yearned for transparency - and I yearned to allow myself to be fully known by God - for his Spirit to reveal things that I couldn't see on my own. I hope you can hear this desire in 'Captive', and that you can hear the freedom that transparency brings. 

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